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Dr. Johnny W. Lott received his undergraduate degree from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, his Master of Arts in Teaching from Emory University, and his Ph. D. from Georgia State University. He taught in the public schools of DeKalb County, Georgia, at the Westminster Schools and in Pelican, Alaska. Johnny is the co-author of several books and has edited several for NCTM including 4 of the Navigations 9-12 books and two on international math lessons. He has written numerous articles and other essays in Teaching Children Mathematics, The Mathematics Teacher, Student Math Notes, Mathematics Education Dialogues, and was the Project Manager for the Figure This! publications and website developed by NCTM.  He was NCTM president from April 2002-April 2004. Dr. Lott is Professor Emeritus from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at The University of Montana, and was the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence there. He later was Professor of Mathematics, and Professor of Education at the University of Mississippi as well as being the initial Director for the Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning.