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  • Hi Sandra, The letters are not indicative of the order in which the squares have been placed.  You are correct that C could not have been placed after D :) ------------------------------ Kristin Keith Professional Development Manager, NCTM Reston, VA ...

  • Are the pieces of paper laid in backwards order?  A was last, previous was B, etc.  It seems C couldn't have been laid down after D or am I missing something?  Thanks. ------------------------------ Sandra Portillo-Robins Upper Grades Math Teacher Community ...

  • This is a variation on a problem Annie's dad gave her a long time ago. Eight square sheets of paper, all the same size, have been placed on a table. They overlap as shown in this illustration. I've labeled the pieces with letters. One sheet (A) is shown ...

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  • Let’s start up round 2 of How To Start a Math Fight: Building productive math discussion and discourse into your daily routines. In Round 1 of this series I clarified that a math fight is centered ...

  • #NCTMontheHill: The Power of Building Relationships   The NCTM Board has embraced and is actively supporting NCTM’s advocacy role. Recently,  Board members made visits to Capitol Hill to meet ...

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  • Ding Ding! Welcome to Round 1 You may be wondering and saying to yourself: Math Fight? Really? What does that even mean? Come on Jon, you can’t be seriously promoting violence! You’re right, I ...


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