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  • Many cultures around the world play games that are similar to tic-tac- toe. One version of this "three-in-a-row" game is played by the Asante people of Ghana, West Africa. The game board looks like this:  You can see that this game board is like ...

  • i dont speak english so now i writing turkish. iPhone X telefonumun ekranını değiştireceğim, kırıldığından kaynaklı. Fakat bilgilerimin silinip silinmeyeceğinden endişe ediyorum.Fakat bir sitede bilgilerimn silinmeyeceğini yazıyordu. Daha önce bu durumla ...

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    i dont speak english so now i writing turkish. iPhone Ekran Değişimi yapan https://www.acilekrantamiri.com olarak artık biz de topluluğunuz arasındayız :) ------------------------------ Erol Börek ------------------------------

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  • Examples of Effective Modeling Activities Several years ago a friend shared a video with me that changed my perspective on teaching math forever. It was Dan Meyer’s Ted Talk, Math Class Needs ...

  • The Roles of Teacher and Technology: Mathematical Modeling Using Desmos We have many tools in our math teacher toolkits. Need to demonstrate place value? Base ten blocks. Explore area and perimeter? ...

  • Modeling Math Using PhET Simulations I was talking with a former teacher recently, and she commented on how easy it is for today’s teachers to access resources from all over the world. We really ...


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