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  • Hi Desiree, I think we made everything "view only" to avoid things being accidentally deleted. If you wanted to share the documents you are trying to upload, I will put them in the folder for you! Thanks for sharing all the great work you are doing ...

  • I have been trying to upload all of the DACTM Math Book Tasting documents to our Google Drive, but it won't let me! I will keep trying...anyone know of a fix? All of the upload options are greyed out :( ------------------------------ Desiree Harrison ...

  • The time to talk with others and learn all of the fantastic things happening across our nation was inspiring!  I loved hearing from other affiliates and thinking about how we might use these ideas to strengthen our work in Ohio.  I appreciated the opportunity ...

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  • "Galileo Galilei once said: 'Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.' Too bad most schools are awful at helping us become fluent in  Universe ." Math-Explorable Explanations ...

  • Other professions play, why shouldn't we? The idea of work being commensurate with play is not novel. Many a professional athlete, musician, etc., regularly interchange these two words ...

  • In my last post , I ended with a proposition made by John Van de Walle: “ The traditional whole-number algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division should no longer be taught ...

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