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  • A surveyor is standing on a hill  h  feet above a lake. Across the lake is a mountain. The surveyor measures the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain to be   alpha . He also looks down into the lake and sees the reflection of the mountain. ...

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  • Bella makes fresh bagel sandwiches at her bakery. She's worked hard to perfect her technique. After slicing each bagel in half, she cuts circular slices of ham to perfectly cover each half of the bagel. Then she completely covers the ham with cream cheese. ...

  • Great review of triangles for my algebra 3 kids!! ------------------------------ Elizabeth Sonnenfeld Mathematics Teacher Collinsville High Sch Tulsa OK ------------------------------

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  • Bringing Up The F Word With Your Middle Schooler By now, students in middle school have been exposed to the F-word. It has been used by their classmates for a few years now, and slowly but surely, ...

  • I’m going to avoid the rhetorical question of “Have you ever argued with a kid in middle school?” because, well, it seems as though the ability to disagree is woven into teens, especially those in middle ...

  • “Ugh, really? Math ? Pffff, c’mon. Can we talk about anything else?” - Most middle schoolers any time a parent tries to bring up something math-y  How many pipes do you see? How did ...


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