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  • Three friends are walking home from school. One of them has 13 gummy bears left in her lunchbox. She wants to share them with her friends. She wants each girl to get the same number of gummy bears. How many will each child get? Will there be any left ...

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  • I do. We do. You do. Repeat… * Sigh Breaking away from the traditional-style, gradual release classroom was the best move I ever made for my teaching craft and the mathematicians in my classroom. ...

  • Take a deep breath. They’re anxious too. Except maybe that one﹣looks a little too comfortable already. Ready? Ready. “Mathematicians, welcome to 7th Grade Math!” Genuine smile. Happy soul. There ...

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  • Welcome to the final round of this 4-part post series on how to build productive math discussions into your daily routine. In the first 3 rounds of this post series I shared how to use specific ...


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