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  • Let's get started on Session 2, The Purpose of School Mathematics Answer the following questions, and share your responses in the discussion below. What do you believe is the purpose of learning mathematics?  Brainstorm your own initial list. ...

  • Session 1 has me excited for the next 8 weeks!  I have attached the recording from last night's zoom discussion in David's original post at the top.  Session 2 discussion has been posted, and the registration link for next week's zoom conversation is ...

  • What is your personal context for teaching, examining, and/or leading high school mathematics? I am currently a teacher at Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest, NJ.  I am also a past President of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of ...

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  • How are you inviting your students into the learning for each activity? each lesson? each unit? What profound ideas to consider, and that invitation is important for all learners to receive, every ...

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    I would imagine it’s pretty difficult to plan a lesson without a goal in mind. Is it even possible? As educators, we’re constantly thinking about goals. What is the goal of this unit, lesson, activity? ...

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  • I do. We do. You do. Repeat… * Sigh Breaking away from the traditional-style, gradual release classroom was the best move I ever made for my teaching craft and the mathematicians in my classroom. ...


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