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  • Hi all, I gave this problem to a group of high school students.  About half of them solved the problem by working backwards, without any variables: 48+72=120     120/4=30     30+54=84     84/3=28     28+30=58     58/2=29 Most of the rest of the students ...

  • A bear and an eagle are having a contest to see who can catch the most fish.      The bear catches 3 salmon and 6 trout. The eagle catches 6 salmon.      How many trout would the eagle have to catch to tie the bear? Explain how you figured it out. ...

  • Thanks, AnnMarie, for sharing your solution.  I'm thinking some of my students may need to break it down as the work backwards. Here's my thought on how a student may think backwards, step by step. Of course, this is the "clean" version, my hunch is ...

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  • Let’s look at the labor demand expected in US by 2030. McKinsey Global Institute recently published a report about automation in the US and its effect on the job market. It shows that there will be ...

  • My Favorite No One of my go-to and favorite activities is the error analysis task of My Favorite No.  Originally created by Leah Alcala from Berkeley, California, this is a task that I use ...

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  • The Dashboard In my last post, I introduced one of my favorite Desmos activities, Point Collector: Lines.  When I run this activity with my students, the Teacher Dashboard allows me to augment/pace ...


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