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  • Mr. Cal Q. Later has created a game called Jellybean Fractions to play with his students. Here's how it works: Each student takes a handful of jellybeans from the big gourmet jar on Mr. Later's desk. (He encourages them to take their favorite number.) ...

  • Constructed in October, 2006, the World's Largest Popcorn Ball weighed 3,415 pounds and was 8' in diameter. It was said that this is "almost 50,000 times larger than the normal popcorn balls distributed for retail consumption." 50,000 times seems like ...

  • Hi Sandra, The letters are not indicative of the order in which the squares have been placed.  You are correct that C could not have been placed after D :) ------------------------------ Kristin Keith Professional Development Manager, NCTM Reston, VA ...

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  • Welcome to the final round of this 4-part post series on how to build productive math discussions into your daily routine. In the first 3 rounds of this post series I shared how to use specific ...

  • An expanded Q&A with NCTM President-Elect Trena Wilkerson: What drove you to become an educator? Trena Wilkerson:                    I loved mathematics, but I guess many say that! I also ...

  • LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Welcome to round 3 of How to start a math fight: Building productive math discussion and discourse into your daily routines. In round 1 of this series I aimed to clarify ...

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