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  • Oregon is going strong.  We are in week 7 of our Facebook book study on Catalyzing Change.  (Just ask to join the book study from our FB page.)  We started weekly twitter chats.  Tuesdays at 7pm pacific  (resuming October 30th) #OregonMathChat  Shout ...

  • In first grade, we began together looking at images to see what ten could look like - a box of ten markers, an egg carton with 2 eggs removed, a group of 5 monsters each with 2 eyes.  Then each student drew visual images of 10 in response to this prompt. ...

  • Hi Affiliate Leaders -       The MARC is planning our first Webinar for Affiliate Leaders on November 13th!! We will be bringing Bright Spots - that popular activity from the Affiliate Leaders Conference where Affiliates share what is working in their ...

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  • “Ugh, really? Math ? Pffff, c’mon. Can we talk about anything else?” - Most middle schoolers any time a parent tries to bring up something math-y  How many pipes do you see? How did ...

  • When I was a child (back in the 1980s), my friends and I loved playing a guessing game called Guess Who ?  In this game, one person chose a character and the other person had to ask yes or no questions ...

  • Let’s look at the labor demand expected in US by 2030. McKinsey Global Institute recently published a report about automation in the US and its effect on the job market. It shows that there will be ...


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