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  • A few days ago I got a card in the mail with a rather interesting design on it. It had a red square with a green square in the upper right-hand corner. It looked as if the length of a side of the green square was half the length of a side of the red square. ...

  • Sonya is practicing for the Winter Olympics. As she hopes to be a champion figure skater, Sonya spends many hours skating on her home rink. Her coach, Tommy, is having her skate figures on the ice. He etches a straight line in the ice using the back ...

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  • Hi  Veronique,  You got it wrong ... EXEs nogo ... ePub is what worked.  Still need a fix for EXE uploading. Phil ------------------------------ Phil Brubaker Retired Applied Mathematician Central Point OR ------------------------------

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  • Other professions play, why shouldn't we? The idea of work being commensurate with play is not novel. Many a professional athlete, musician, etc., regularly interchange these two words when ...

  • In my last post , I ended with a proposition made by John Van de Walle: “ The traditional whole-number algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division should no longer be taught in ...

  • If you have been following this blog series you now know more about units coordination , how it relates to fractions , and where it shows up in middle school concepts .  So how do we help students ...

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