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  • You have been hired by the "Building Boxes" packaging company to design a box in the shape of a rectangular prism. The box will be made from an 8.5-inch by 11-inch rectangle by cutting a square from each corner and then folding up the sides of the box. ...

  • The 2-d shape created by the green line when the net ABCDEF is folded would be a square, because.... When BCDE sides are folded , they will create the top, left side, bottom and right side of a cube. A and F will be the front and back. Since ABCDEF ...

  • First I look for a common multiple of 5, 6 and 10. That would be 30. Then I convert all the fractions to equivalent forms with a common denominator: 1/5 dimes = 6/30 dimes. 1/6 nickels = 5/30 nickels, 1/10 quarters = 3/30 quarters. This means 6/30 ...

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  • This blog is for  The Virtual Conference on Mathematical Flavors . I am honored to be a keynote. The discussion below is based on what I consider to be my seminal work as researcher and educator. Unpacking ...

  • Why Desmos? My classroom is a noisy one - full of discussions, debates, and even arguments.  This is not how it always was. When I first started teaching, my desks were lined up in rows and students ...

  • How can we promote mathematics play in more classrooms? What is within our power to make playfulness a norm in maths class? To be honest, there is no special magic necessary here. The strategies offered ...


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