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  • Welcome to book study around the book Excellence Through Equity .  This book study and the culminating webinar are part of a collaborative effort -   Collective Call to Action - Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education: From Awareness to Action ...

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  • This chapter really had me reflecting on how well of a job I do communicating with parents.  I find that I do a really good communicating with students, but not with parents.   I am going to make it a goal over this next semester to create a monthly newsletter ...

  • Karen, Julia & Danny will be joining us on Wednesday, January 17, at 7:30 pm EST via webinar.  In this webinar, the authors will provide a brief overview of the The Impact of Identity in K-8 Mathematics , focusing on the supporting work and thinking ...

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  • Sometimes, even with the best-made plans, the research indicates that some students are forced off the path to mathematical success by structural or systemic barriers that exist in some schools (Jilk ...

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  • “It was fun to watch the "ah-ha" moments because you could see the connection they made through the successful problems they'd solved and their explanations.” - former 8th grade student. Even though ...

  • In a previous blog , we outlined NCTM’s history of engaging the mathematics education community on issues at the intersections between culture and mathematics, as well as works critiquing school mathematics ...

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  • President's Message Webinar - Are We Breaking Down Barriers to Student Learning?

    Jan 24, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (ET)
    During this webinar, NCTM President Matt Larson will continue his focus on access, equity, and empowerment. He will be discussing ways in which student and teacher tracking are structural obstacles to making mathematics accessible to each and every student. He will also discuss the importance of supporting each and every student in building a positive mathematics identify while also making connections between equitable instructional practices and Principles to Actions . #Webinar ​

  • Author Talks Webinar - Access and Equity: Promoting High-Quality Mathematics Pre-K–12

    Jan 31, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (ET)
    In this webinar, the editors will provide an overview of the book series, focusing on approaches that teachers, teacher leaders, and professional developers can use to (1) implement teaching practices to engage learners in high-quality mathematics; (2) develop school and community partnerships; (3) put into practice teaching strategies that draw on the resources that students bring to the classroom; (4) explore concrete ways to build on students’ language and culture as assets to the teaching and learning of mathematics; and (5) learn about tools that encourage teachers to analyze and revise their lessons with an equity lens. #Webinar ​

  • Research Conference

    Apr 23 - 25, (ET)
    Washington, DC, United States

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