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    Favorite Quote

    ​Good Morning! After reading chapters 1-3, post your favorite quote or passage and give a brief reasoning of why it resonated with you.  Take time to read others posts and leave a comment for them. ------------------------------ Kristin Keith Professional ...

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    RE: Favorite Quote

    "We believe that  how  students experience mathematics in their classrooms shapes their views of mathematics and themselves as mathematics learners and doers." ~ pg 19.  I love this quote because it is empowering. The essence of it is that we CAN ...

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    RE: Chapter 2

    As a K-12 Instructional Math Coach, I see students that express their own conceptions regarding their math identities across the spectrum. Many have the perception of fixed mindset, in which they fall into a specific "identity" and that is that. They ...

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  • As a student, I was one of those kids who sort of caught on quickly to algorithms. I was “good” at math. As an adult, I realize that had nothing to do with my intelligence; instead, it was - and still ...

  • In the September President’s Webinar, I reflected on the fact that in 2020 NCTM will celebrate its centennial—a truly remarkable accomplishment for any organization. The year 2020 will also mark the 50th ...

  • NCTM has a history of engaging the mathematics education community on issues at the intersections between culture and mathematics, as well as works critiquing school mathematics and mathematics education ...

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