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    Hi, I am new to this forum. Accordingly please excuse me for a basic question as I navigate my way though the website. If I have a math question to ask do I just post it on the community website as I am posting this question. I am a working professional ...

  • Hi Gary - ​​Once you become contacts with someone, you can find them under Profile> My Connections> Contacts. This makes it easier to send them a message, so you don't have to search the directory! ------------------------------ Veronique Nguyen MyNCTM ...

  • @Laila Nur Hi - thanks for this suggestion. We have changed the menu to have a drop down menu with "my communities" Let me know what you think! ​ ------------------------------ Veronique Nguyen MyNCTM Community Manager ------------------------------

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  • In the September President’s Webinar, I reflected on the fact that in 2020 NCTM will celebrate its centennial—a truly remarkable accomplishment for any organization. The year 2020 will also mark the 50th ...

  • NCTM has a history of engaging the mathematics education community on issues at the intersections between culture and mathematics, as well as works critiquing school mathematics and mathematics education ...

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  • You know, and we know, that learning, planning, and growing with others is better than doing so in isolation. MyNCTM, just released, is designed to support you in actively doing this with one another.  ...

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    Authors: Ann McCoy, Joann Barnett, and Emily Combs During the webinar, the authors will provide an overview of each of the routines. A glimpse of how that routine might look across the grade levels will be shared through student work examples. For each routine, the authors will discuss implementing the routine, the mathematical content and practices addressed, assessing student thinking, and how the routine might be adapted. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how the routine might be used in their own classrooms. Finally, some engaging ways to bring math into non-mathematical classroom routines will be shared. #Webinar

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