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  • Johanna, Thanks for the feedback.  We are actively working on improving the "print" functionality.  This should be fixed within the week so that you can print the problem without the additional content on the page.  We are also working on adding to the ...

  • I just want to add my two cents on this topic. I have used the Math Forum problems for about 4 years consistently with my classroom. They are a significant part of my Montessori school's problem solving and math curriculum. When I heard that Math Forum ...

  • Suzanne, NCTM is aware of the "print problem" feature that was available for the problems on the previous Problems of the Week (PoWs) website.  We agree that this is a useful feature and have been working toward adding that functionality to the current ...

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  • Don’t you love when students have an “aha” moment?  What about your own “aha” moments? I still remember the first time I taught inequalities with algebra tiles and finally understood why the inequality ...

  • If you found my first post explaining units coordination with whole numbers helpful, this post will give you the details from my experience working with fractions and how impactful it is to students ...

  • A refresher from my last post:  I am a Learning Support teacher in G1, and along with the G1 teaching team, I look for opportunities to use and elicit evidence of student thinking to in order to design ...

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