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  • As a treat for Morgan's eighth birthday, her parents are bringing eight of her friends to a baseball game. They are going to pick up each child at his or her house and drive them to the game. Their car holds one passenger in the front and three passengers ...

  • In the following graph: vertices A, B, C, and E have degree three, and vertex D has degree two. This graph can be represented by the matrix: A B C D E A 0 1 1 0 1 B 1 0 1 ...

  • The Student Council at Rahkenrole High School is planning a holiday dance with live music, starting at 8 pm and running late into the night. There are two local bands that are popular with the students, and the council is trying to decide which one to ...

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  • When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be helpful. It didn’t matter if it was in the garage, the kitchen, the family room, outside, or elsewhere; I really enjoyed helping with tasks. While I would like ...

  • Bringing Up The F Word With Your Middle Schooler By now, students in middle school have been exposed to the F-word. It has been used by their classmates for a few years now, and slowly but surely, ...

  • I’m going to avoid the rhetorical question of “Have you ever argued with a kid in middle school?” because, well, it seems as though the ability to disagree is woven into teens, especially those in middle ...


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