Dmitri Olayzola

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As an Institute of Physics Teaching Scholarship recipient with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in Science & Mathematics and a Physics with Music degree from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music, I strive to create a learning environment which is both fun and productive by connecting subject matter with my students' interests and setting challenges. I have experience teaching ages 7-18 across a wide range of subjects and exam boards including 11+/13+ entrance exam preparation for prestigious schools such as St Paul’s and interview preparation for Oxbridge and top Russell Group Universities.

My passion for teaching science and mathematics manifests itself in a desire to engage in scientific discussions and foster the innate curiosity of those around me. Born in Scotland and raised in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica and Honduras, I enjoy adventures both close to home and in far away places. Through a wide range of interests, including music, composing, racquet sports, skiing, diving and astrophysics, I strive to maintain a close relationship with my pupils and challenge their interdisciplinary thinking and creativity. I believe that the best measure of success is when my students are genuinely excited about the subject matter and eager to bring their own ideas to the table; at the end of the day only then will I be satisfied my work is done!