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Implementing a Badging System Part 3: Data Representation

So far in this series I've introduced you to the concept of "Badges" (what I call my free-choice activities that are designed to engage kids in how mathematical concepts are used outside of a math classroom) and we've explored one of the topics within my Badging system, activities centered...

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Implementing A Badging System Part 2: Math, Equity, and Culture

Too often students see the math that they're learning in school as disconnected from life, impotent to have real meaning and purpose outside of its own confines. After my last introductory post on the reasons to implement a Badging system , I want to take you through a couple of opportunities...

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Implementing A Badging System

I want my middle school students to be successful in mathematics, but I also want them to fall in love with mathematics. Some students are naturally inclined to really enjoy "traditional" mathematics; they are efficient and accurate at arithmetic, easily notice patterns, or might enjoy...