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Units Coordination ( Part 4) - Strengthening Skills

If you have been following this blog series you now know more about units coordination , how it relates to fractions , and where it shows up in middle school concepts . So how do we help students progress in their ability to coordinate units? One thing I have learned from the amazing...

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The Role of Units Coordination in a Middle School Classroom (Part 3)

Don’t you love when students have an “aha” moment? What about your own “aha” moments? I still remember the first time I taught inequalities with algebra tiles and finally understood why the inequality symbol needs to be switched when multiplying or dividing by a negative number. I have had...

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Teaching Fractions with Units Coordination in Mind (Part 2)

If you found my first post explaining units coordination with whole numbers helpful, this post will give you the details from my experience working with fractions and how impactful it is to students when understanding units coordination. Fraction problems like this are typical in my 7th...

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Units Coordination (Part 1) - An Introduction

After my son had collected candy at a parade he wanted to eat some. I told him he could choose one thing from his bag. He chose a clear zipper bag with 2 packages of Starburst in it. Each package contained 2 Starburst. He chose one, but he actually got to eat 4 candies. If you are...