David Spangler

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David has been in mathematics education since 1972. He has taught mathematics at the middle school, community college, and university levels -- including methods courses for teachers. He is a frequent speaker at math conferences and appears as an after-dinner speaker on the topic of mathematical humor. David has written a number of mathematics books for teachers and students. In addition, for two years he wrote the "Mathematics Detective" articles for MTMS, and for 6 years he was co-editor for "Cartoon Corner" for MTMS.

David began his textbook publishing career in 1976. Over the years, he has held these key mathematics editorial positions:
Executive Editor -- Laidlaw Educational Publishing
Editorial Manager -- Scott Foresman
Editorial Manager -- Scott Foresman - Addison Wesley
Executive Editor -- Prentice Hall
Research Analyst -- Pearson Education
Editorial Director -- Stet Publishing Solutions
Author / Senior Editor -- University of Chicago
Senior Academic Designer -- McGraw-Hill Education

Specialties: David specializes in directing the editorial development of preK–12 educational programs. He also specializes in writing and editing mathematics materials.